The Remortgaging of Earth

(from Pocket Philosophy for End Times: A Lexicon of Dystopia)

Green Growth: an oxymoron. A ploy by investors and the renewable energy industrial complex who promise to create jobs while cutting down emissions, when in reality aiming to make those investors rich, create more consumers who will pay for the investment, and hope that somehow, and despite this green growth frenzy and construction, emissions will go down by themselves and reach carbon neutrality at some arbitrary point in the distant future that will never come. It is a capitalist Green Industrial Revolution that prioritises economic growth yet again, like all the ones that came before it. It is the remortgaging of Earth, but do take note that this will be the final mortgage Earth ever takes out. Because this one will finish off the planet and everything on it. Because the homeowners are bankrupt since long ago, the house has lost its market value, and the walls are already collapsing in disrepair.

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