How to Stand Up to Bullies and Defend the Truth

If Attorney General William Barr is willing to even consider a fantasy accusation of election fraud submitted by a psychologically damaged baby having a tantrum, then America has entered an age of the most raw, blind tribalism. With 48% of Americans voting for a party that they know very well is lying to them, but supports their racist agenda, this country is not simply divided. It is in civil war. It has been in civil war for a very long time now.

But don’t lose faith. It may be easy to make false accusations, to talk about “legal” and “illegal” votes as if such a thing exists, but proving them is another thing. Those “politicians” who have made baseless accusations of election fraud are relying on the fact that they can perhaps win the war of impressions, and this may help them, if they are lucky, to win the war of justice, the war of my truth against your truth. And they know very well that they do stand a chance of succeeding: because when the truth is attacked in such a vile and conspicuous way, there is always a risk that more and more of us will begin to question whose truth is right. Before you know it, they recruit more and more corrupt supporters who will rally for them, and they build up a case. 

My friends, we are, right now, in the most dangerous phase of this legal conflict: the phase where the conflict in the courts has not even began yet, and the bullies are gathering support and spreading lies. This, is the Honeymoon stage for them, and the most dangerous one for us, because at times it can almost feel like they are winning. When we find ourselves in a place where we are even debating whether all votes should be counted, truth becomes overshadowed by conflict. It becomes the child between two fighting parents. It becomes climate change in a war between deniers and believers. The result, is chaos. 

And this, is precisely their strategy during the honeymoon period: to sow so much chaos in the hope that no one will be able to see the truth anymore, everything becomes so polarised and emotionally charged that any real evidence, any sense of reason, will be lost in the storm of tweets and shit-posting by grown up men and women that really should know better than behave like 3-year olds. This level of chaos, is the enemy of truth. It is the enemy of justice. And that is why we have a justice system. It is a system that does not rely on tweets, rallies or baseless accusations, but on evidence. 

But it is a system that can be corrupted and erroded. Those whose game involves lying and falsification of evidence will always have the upper hand, in the beginning. Just like bullies, unless they are confronted head on, shamed, discredited and forced to apologise, they will continue. Be assured that the big, bullying baby will not stop, unless WE stop it.

The answer is the same one it that it has always been: 

1. Be ruthless and stand up to the bully. Show that you are not afraid of them, and that you know their weakness, which is the lack of evidence. Focus on the facts. Use the evidence that is on your side, on the side of the truth. 

2. Avoid the temptation of answering the bully’s unsupported claims through unofficial channels outside of the justice system. You are wasting your time, which is what they want: for you to fall into the whirlpool of chaos, of filthy tweets. For you to feel hopeless, and to panic.

3. Do not even stop and think about their threats and intimidation, which are part of their game: they are only intimidating you so that you give up before the game moves past the honeymoon stage, when things get really tough for them. They know very well that they have no real evidence, and that is exactly why they are trying to intimidate you. They are desperate.

4. Go straight for the juggular. Let the light shine on the truth, but also ensure that the spotlight shines bright back on the bully themselves. Make it personal. Expose them. Annhilate their credibility. Remember, the universe is on YOUR side. The truth does not need to be made up, it just needs to be revealed. 

George is an author, researcher, podcaster, chemist, molecular biologist and food scientist. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , join his mailing list, or enjoy his books

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