Who can Stop the Zombie Mob?

It is that moment in the schoolyard when the summer water play has just spun out of control. As the crowd of pupils goes into a hormone-fueled frenzy, it doesn’t matter anymore who you hit with your water pistol or water balloon. Everyone just wants to get a piece of the action. They all want to hit anything or anyone just to score a point, just to pass on the energy that was passed on to them by someone else. The innocent water play soon turns into an angry western movie brawl. Laughter turns into cries as someone gets injured. There are no sides anymore, no victims and perpetrators as everyone loses track of who started the trouble first.

Then, all of a sudden, the water is switched off by the school principal. A moment of sanity prevails, as counting of the casualties commences. And the story begins all over again, with the next brawl, the next war, countless of times over and over throughout our human history. Every time propaganda, lies and polarisation ravage through our society like a virus, we turn into zombies: hungry for blood, driven by our most primal instincts. 

And there you are, standing in the middle of the crowd, realising that somehow you escaped the spell. You are the only one who hasn’t been turned into a zombie. As you begin to fake a zombie walk, the other zombies notice that you smell different. They have clocked your bluff. It doesn’t matter that you are the only sane one. Now you are the witch that needs to be thrown in the bonfire. The Socrates that must drink the poison. The Martin Luther King that needs to be terminated.

Our greatest enemy is the loss of our sanity. As bloodthirsty hate and polarisation overtake society, they feed on each other, feeding the hurricane of lies that bring yet more lies, covid cases that give rise to yet more covid cases. The energy of the zombie mob now belongs to the hurricane. It belongs to the skies. They are now the ones who decide what happens next.

As climate change accelerates and we come closer and closer to a global crisis, rather than reaching into the last remaining reserves of our sanity, we are turning into zombies. It appears we are living the moment in the water fight right before the water is switched off, for good. 

Who can stop the zombie mob?

George is an author, researcher, chemist, molecular biologist and food scientist. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , join his mailing list, or enjoy his books


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4 thoughts on “Who can Stop the Zombie Mob?

  1. Amen George. To answer, nobody. I think it’s too late. I remember two books from back in the 70’s that tried to address what we were doing to Mother Earth and of course those author’s were touted as being alarmists. I think one of the authors was Rachel Carlson but I’m not sure. Anyway, both the books made total sense to anyone who still has a soul but unfortunately, most of mankind has sold out to the almighty dollar. I enjoy your writing George. Best, Karl Grey

  2. Reading this I am reminded to go back and read Al Gore’s “The Future”. We knew, we knew and we did just not enough. Thank you George for your analogy. We slosh on.

  3. Humans are a freak of nature. Our collective intellectual power combined with our unnaturally self imposed social conditioning and hierarchy along with our underlying biological urges to propagate our species has us trapped in a contest we cannot win. No other species takes themselves seriously enough to dominate the planet and push all others out of the way. Our collective view of our human supremacy disorder creates a neurotic compulsion to dominate. No other life form seems to have the same compulsion and/or if they do there are built in checks. With our social disease of pursuing the individual maximization of self interest we have focused a competition of all against all that does not truly exist outside the human species. So called civilization in its present form is the directed focusing of human self interest in a narcissistic nightmare that cannot end happily ever after. The biosphere is not really a collection of individuals in a survival of the fittest contest, it is functioning as a single organism feeding on itself. Our “CULT”ural conditioning has taught us to see every thing as other. There is no other. There is no subject/ object divide. It is all subject. From our collectively ignorant point of view it appears divided. The big picture reality is not what it appears to be from our lowly and small minded perspective as object. Trapped by being only able to collectively function as object. Being half clever is eventually a dead end. Rick

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