The Revolution is Coming

Join In – Or Get Out of the Way

My fellow comrades-to-be. My fellow humans. My fellow victims of the pandemic. Economic casualties. Black and Brown people fed-up with the predatory White system. Climate refugees. And those of you who cannot speak, those of you who cannot hear me, or even read my words: the 8 million-strong other unique life forms that have the equal right to exist, thrive and prosper. That have evolved on this planet, inhabiting the oceans, the valleys, the rivers and the deserts, and even the skies, now fighting a daily battle against their extinction. I have a message for you all, human and non-human. I am here to tell you that we are finally connecting, meeting at the same crossroads, all of us, at the same time. 

Not because of a concerted effort or organised aggregation of our forces. Not out of coincidence or conscious intention, no. We have all been brought here, at the same time, on the same day, by the confluence of convergent calamities. By an unfolding global apocalypse that has revealed the truth: that all this time, we had all been fighting the same exact enemy.

Our struggle is a common struggle. It has always been. All of our suffering was caused by one “thing”: the steel-cold, calculating, profit-driven CO2 Machine that exploits people, animals, trees, and converts them into toxic CO2. The CO2 Machine’s other name is Capitalism. It has relied on human slaves and racism. It has relied on now extinct species that were wrapped up in cellophane and sold on a supermarket shelf. It has relied on fake money and busted mortgages. It has relied on making our planet sick, turning it into a ball of fire, floods, viruses and countless other untold calamities that will come very soon as Earth’s health continues to deteriorate: year by year, month by month, day by day.

Second by second.

We gather here today at this random crossroads my dear comrades, to declare the impending death of modern human civilisation on this planet, the only planet we ever had.

But the monster hasn’t died yet. The fat blob has only just choked on an Earth sandwich minutes ago and is on the floor with indigestion, face down on the cold, filthy porcelain floor, only thinking about one thing: the next sandwich.

Dear comrades, I am not asking you to bring about a revolution. You don’t have to join a club or write a letter to your local corrupt politician. I am telling you that it is happening already, as the hordes of the unemployed, the dispossessed, the displaced, the exploited and discriminated against, wake up from their tech-induced coma and into the nightmare of end times that we have entered.

Dear comrades, this is not a human revolution. This is the first ever, Earth Rebellion. It is not only about changing human systems. We are fighting for every life form on the planet. We are fighting the monster that is killing the very infrastructure that sustains us all, our climate system, just as the planet is serving us our own eviction notice. Our own EXTINCTION NOTICE.

Most of all, we are fighting to become human again. To focus away from pointless economic growth, and feel love again, feel alive again. Love is the feeling that they told you not to feel. Because if you did, you would have killed the fat blob already. This revolution is an act of love. It is only a matter of time.

Which side will you be on?

George is an author, scientist and researcher. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , join his mailing list, or read his books

4 thoughts on “The Revolution is Coming

  1. Wow. There is a lot happening here. I like how you have pointed out how the reality of struggle has many branches. I belong to a peace movement in my county. Every Saturday morning for one hour we have peaceful vigils supporting many struggling branches. You are right…..revolutions have started. It’s time to act upon those causing the branches of struggle, otherwise known as the branches of suffocation. Thank you for giving credence to my weekly peace vigils. I appreciate you and your writings. Peter

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  2. Incredibly smart as always. When I start to worry, really sick worry, over the current situations, I recite my children’s names to remind me: It’s here and now. We are in the middle of the slide. There is no stopping it. My kids moved north, and I am grateful for that. Some people may survive, we’ll see, or not see. Hoping for a miracle requires belief in the deus ex machina of a bad novel, and that’s just painfully dumb. Capitalism has been the engine of death since the beginning, no doubt. All the books of religion preached against its many forms; greed, lust, gluttony….so here we are and here we go. Been awesome reading your works.

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