Earth’s Life Matters

The riot against capitalism has begun

Thousands of years of oppression are enough. 300 years of extinction, slavery and genocide are far too many. 2020 will be remembered as the year when Earth’s uprising against humans finally began. The planet’s latest bioweapon, COVID-19, is a surgically precise attack on what has been plaguing our planet: our economic system.

Revolution usually happens when the one oppressed has nothing to lose, because they have already lost virtually everything there was to be lost. The rioters are in a win-win situation. They don’t care if they break the shop windows that they put up themselves to earn a minimum wage that placed them somewhere along the poverty scale. They don’t care if they decapitate the statues that they were made to sculpt under the force of shackles, breaking their backs as they lifted them onto their pedestals.

The rioters are willing to risk their life. Because their life is not worth living as it is, anymore.

Our planet is rioting. Our planet is a rioter. It has reached its boiling point too, just like the black lives matters protesters. As BLM demands complete system change and the planet demands complete climate system reversal, the goal is common: while BLM’s fight is one for dignity and COVID-19 is Earth’s fight for rebalance, their common target is capitalism. Because the statues are the same in both cases, they are the same statues that brought us both climate change and racism: the colonialist elites. The greedy financial markets. The arrogant extravagant lifestyles.

COVID-19 is the bioweapon that aims to take out humans. Not the humans that evolved on Earth, but the humans that we have become: wasteful, arrogant, destructive, exploitative of other species and other human races.

Humans may have vaccines, but Earth, as the perfect organism that it is, has the ultimate immune system. It is ready to raise its own temperature to fever levels, and even take itself down in the process, just so that it can take down humans and start over. The riot is on. Taking the side of the planet is the only way to calm the riot.

(From the book Photographic Heart)

George is a chemist, molecular biologist and food scientist. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , join his mailing list, or read his books

7 thoughts on “Earth’s Life Matters

  1. “The humans we have become: wasteful,arrogant, destructive, exploitative of other
    species and other human races” hurts much but its true….So how do we get out of
    this state and start to become aware and constructive?

  2. Took my breath away. I just want to finish writing my book to tell a tale of warriors in the wings. You inspire this, George. Someday one person will make the difference and I think it well may be you.

  3. Thanks George, I like your posts and I would like to share this one. There is only this one word stopping me “machine” (but earth, as the perfect machine that it is, has the ultimate immune system.
    Is there another word you/we could use? Maybe “the perfect living organism” that earth is or so? What do you think?
    I just can’t bring our living planet together with the word or image of “machine” .
    Thanks for your work George.

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