What is happening in America is not an American phenomenon or an American problem. Europeans and others around the world may look at the US and think “we are not like that” or “we are not nearly as bad as that”, but they are forgetting that this is the nation that has led the world both economically and culturally for the last 100 or so years. We are ALL Americans to a great extent. We were raised by their movies and bought their products. We were sold the American Dream. And we wanted to be just like them, as much as we accused them of being stupid and shallow. The failure of America is not just the fall of an empire. It is the failure of the entire world as we’ve come to know it. It is the end of an era for all of humanity.

A summary of the last 200 years: after Europeans colonised and ransacked Africa, stunting its growth forever, they moved on to America where they did just the same, this time bringing their slaves with them. Washington’s colonial government buildings are still filled with the raw blood of slaves if you dare to drive a seesaw through those white columns. Luckily, there will not be another America, because there is nothing left to colonise on Earth. Colonisation long ago moved from conquering other continents, to conquering, enslaving and controlling the citizens of each country. 

The failure of the US, and all the other neo-fascist regimes in tackling COVID-19 (UK, Turkey, Brazil, India) has been the final rip in the theatre curtain that brought it all down: finally exposing the sewage-smelling cover-up operation that had been in full swing all along in the background, taking us all for a fool. It is now finally abundantly clear, that these governments, the ones we all thought led the world, don’t care about their own citizens. They don’t care about their health. They don’t care about racism. They don’t care about ridiculously high tuition fees. They will risk anything, any lie, just to protect capitalism and keep the show going. Yes, they will send hundreds of thousands of Americans or British citizens to their COVID-19 deaths just so that they can keep their economies open. Just so that they can keep these jobs that pay salaries that don’t pay the bills anymore. Just so that they can keep their slaves chained, whether they are dead or alive.

But that’s what you do when you run out of slaves. You just make everyone equal. You make everyone a slave: black, white, muslim, christian, gay, straight. You just let the white people think that they are still in charge, that they still have some kind of privilege. You make them think that they can still use racial slurs and discriminate. The more the white people suspect that they are slaves and see their income decline, the more you empower them to be racist, so that you can keep them deluded that they can still have their American Dream. You can keep them dreaming and you can keep them voting for you. Well, a whole bunch of them have just woken up and they are in the streets, taking down statues. Taking down the symbols of a failed country that was built on slavery, exploitation, and fake promise after fake promise. They, want to rebuild this country from scratch. 

There are no more continents to conquer. There are no more slaves to exploit. There are very few forests left to burn, and there is no Planet B either. This caterpillar will never turn into a butterfly. Because it has been gorging on its food too fast. It will die of obesity.

To be continued…(or not)

George is a chemist, molecular biologist and food scientist. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , read his books or join his mailing list

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