A White Glossary

White Supremacy

The narcissistic idea some white and orange people have that they are somewhat better, despite the fact that they have stolen from others and f****d up the world.

White Capitalism

Also called Capitalism. The economic system that has relied on free labour (slavery) to build itself, and land appropriation (genocide) to build white empires, and establish today’s economic system which is based on exploitation of humans and exploitation of nature.

White Colonialism

The economic strangulation, subjugation and exploitation of non-white, non-European countries under the pretense that they are being developed, assisted and modernized.

White Flight

What white people do when they have f****d up society in inner cities so bad through inequality and injustice. They flee to the suburbs.

White Silence

“I’m sorry white people can’t take your call right now. Someone will be there to assist you very soon. Yes, racism is absolutely terrible, someone should do something about this mess.”

White Guilt

White people feeling lucky as s**t that they’re not black


The changes that white people make in history books to cover up their crimes and make themselves look good. Yes, the Black Panther movement was not a charitable community grassroots organisation, it was a terrorist threat and the FBI was right to assassinate its members.

White Privilege

The result of all of the above: better jobs, better education, better health, better life expectancy for whites.

to be continued…(or not)

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