American Dictatorship

10 casualties and counting. Ordinary, peaceful Americans from all walks of life — white, black, young and old — are being teargassed and slaughtered by their own government in broad daylight simply for raising their voice. The American people are now the enemy. They need to be eliminated. They need to be “kneeled on”. In the President’s own words, they need to be “dominated”. The language of force, the language of the military, is officially dictating the “law and order”. This is a military dictatorship.

They were protesting about police violence. And the answer that they have received from their government was: police violence. The answer they received was tanks parading in the White House, waiting for their Tienanmen Square moment. Tear gas is being used to simply make people shut up. The American State has turned against its own people, while a narcissistic moron is holding up a book he’s never read, trying to use religion as a power of suppression. Is this 1970s Iran? 

But the people are united, more and more each day. Because they realise that this is not the country they wanted. They want equal treatment, equal opportunities, jobs, healthcare and being able to leave their house without feeling fear. And the language that they are using in return is to break stuff. Burn stuff. Because destruction of property is not all that it seems. It is not only anger and vandalism. It is resistance. It is sometimes the only means of resistance. And it sends the message: “however much you try to silence me, oppress me, I can give you something to remember. I can make this worse for you, until you begin to listen”. 

So as America burns, those in power need to consider their position. They need to step down, immediately, and call a national election. Because this government has failed. It has failed the American people by turning its guns directly on them. 

to be continued…(or not)

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