An Experiment Gone Wrong

Extinction is Nature’s art. It is the moment when the artist’s hand, hesitantly at first, but then confidently, and with explosive impulse, smudges over their pencil drawing with their bare hand, undoing their work. Enough of this. 

It is a moment of freedom, catharsis and release when the artist allows oneself to dive back into the infinite universe of possibilities in order to find purpose, to find inspiration again. Because this drawing was never going anywhere. It wasn’t going where they wanted it to go. Somehow, somewhere, it all went wrong: either the colors, shapes, or even the subject matter were wrong. And the more they tried to bring it back to life, to fix this misshaped person, building, plant or animal, the more they made it worse, over-engineering it. The more the perspective looked unnatural, the shading looked overdone the face of the figure looked overcomplicated, schizophrenic, displaying conflicting emotions all in the same expression. The drawing eventually passed the point of no return, beyond which it couldn’t be fixed. The only solution was to start over, from a clear canvas.

But the painting had served its very important purpose. Such paintings are not called failures. They are called “studies”. They are practice pieces, in the same way that humans were a practice piece for Nature. Nature wanted to create a new species with a bigger brain, with intelligence, not realizing that intelligence has serious side effects. The time has come for Nature to bring its creation to an end. It is time for all the colors and shapes in the painting to merge back into each other, into a new, brown and cloudy blob, a fertile primordial soup that has all the essential ingredients needed for new life. A new creation will arise out of this chaos, just as the original planets formed out of dust, or how dinosaurs devolved into today’s chickens, a more benign version of the original species. Less destructive, less wasteful, and low-maintenance.

Humanity is Kodak photographic film. It ruled the world for a little while, until the world changed. The world found a way to take its own selfies. Film became obsolete. It became useless plastic waste. As our species decomposes back into the stardust which will give rise to new species, which parts of ourselves do we wish would live on into the next incarnation?

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