In Harmony with Death

All of us are just one heartbeat away from death, at any point in our existence. What if your heart suddenly stopped beating, as it does for millions of people around the world, often with no pre-existing conditions? What if a meteor from outer space suddenly decided to aim straight for your head? 

These may seem like remote possibilities, but they are much more possible than our survival and denial brain wants us to think. What if a highly contagious virus took over the world at the speed of a wildfire, making our societies and economies unrecognisable almost overnight?

COVID-19 is a wake up call of what we have been taking for granted: our luck. And as we push our luck further and further, we eventually run out of “spare lives” much like in a video game. Nothing is infinite, nothing lasts forever, even in the most “lucky” circumstances. GAME OVER.

What is extraordinary about our situation is that luck is beginning to run out for everyone on this planet, simultaneously, everywhere you look. Whereas so far there have been the “lucky” and “unlucky” on this planet, those eating and those being eaten, those exploiting and those being exploited, we are coming to the point where there is barely any luck to go around anymore. Everyone is unlucky: plants, animals, humans. The poor, and the rich. The smart, and the stupid. The faithful and the sinners. This planet is having a collective heart attack as the machine that powers the entire planet, its climate system, is tampered with and brought to its knees. Expect more viruses, more locusts, more desperate, panicking voters electing single-brain cell leaders, more fight for resources as increasing numbers of humans fight over scraps of food. 

Speaking of food.

The Feeding of The 5,000 was a cheap parable sold to us by the Church, essentially selling us capitalism, miracle economics and unsustainable exponential growth. But a few small fish and some loaves of bread can never be multiplied thousands of times, and Jesus cannot walk on the water without a fossil fuel-powered jet ski. Not on this planet, not without destroying nature first, and paying for it later. Well, one thing is right: it is time to pay. 

This is a planet of incredibly intricate yet circular, balanced systems. Life on this planet started with all species living in harmony with life. And it will end with all of us in harmony with death. Tragic, but still harmonious. At least bringing ourselves at peace with our situation is the last mature thing we can do, amongst all the immaturity in our decisions over the past few hundred years, as this situation develops and runs its course. Observe, Accept, Smile.

to be continued…(or not)

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