Planet of the Fools

Green Growth is an Oxymoron

Photo by Jerry Zhangon Unsplash

So you thought you were doing your bit. You thought your electric car was going to save the world despite the massive CO2 footprint of producing it, the toxic batteries that you cannot recycle. You thought buying less plastic and fewer clothes would help ease the burden on Earth. You thought the solution to climate change and ecological destruction was doing these things, when the real solution is much, much simpler but difficult for you to accept. It is about doing less, doing nothing. It is about finding ways to reduce our presence, as Earth is showing us with the COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in nature having its first two months out of quarantine in the last 200 years, following a lockdown imposed by the industrial revolution and which has resulted in the 6th Mass Extinction and destruction of the planet’s thermostat: its climate systems.

The problem is not the way that you live. The problem is that you live. And there is too many of you. And on top of that you are having children.

How shall I put this: the problem is your existence.

I know what you are thinking: I can change. We can change. But the environmental movement has tried for decades to find a solution. And we’ve known about climate change for more than half a century now. We should know by now that economic expansion is woven into our civilisation, along with the natural destruction and exploitation necessary to support it. No new economic model, hippy commune or revolution, wind turbines or solar cells will help change the situation. However you rearrange humans on the planet, their number won’t change. And they all need to eat, shit, and buy stuff. And they are never content, always wanting more. They are all eating more, shitting more, and buying more with each decade of “progress” in our civilisation. 

Humans are a virus, using a biological definition: opportunistic, parasitic, and able to propagate uncontrollably until they are curbed by their own propagation: killing their host, in this case the planet.

Michael Moore, Jeff Gibbs, Ozzie Zehner and their film Planet of the Humans are being accused of Eco-Nihilism. Of not offering a solution by attacking the one thing that gave us hope: renewables. But if you are really open, and brave, to watch his movie, the makers of the film do offer a solution: stop deluding yourself. Face the fear. Don’t have children. Accept that our life needs to change much, much more drastically than you can even imagine right now. And most of all, don’t fall for illusions of green economic growth. They are sold to you by investors and their political puppets. The Green Pill they are serving you is poison to you, and to the planet. And it is the last pill you and your children will ever take. This is it. This is the one.

Scared you? I hope so. Welcome to the Planet of the Fools.

to be continued…

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7 thoughts on “Planet of the Fools

  1. We cannot handle the truth aka reality. We live in the Culture Of Make Believe as Derrick Jenson’s book so aptly points out. My wife just lost her sister and best friend to Covid 19 a few hours ago and her Mom is fighting for her life on oxygen. That is reality. Nature bats last. Love to all Rick.

      1. Sorry to hear that. Our biological urge to procreate is a bit too powerful. You would think that the emotional pain and suffering we experience about death would temper the urge to be fruitful and multiply. Is it true that misery likes company? Does the pleasure outweigh the pain? At 66 I am not so sure. Life for a conscious human is quite emotionally painful, and physically also. Love Rick

  2. Really well stated George!!!! Tough reads. Truthful reads. I have to say I have never regretted not having children…. And now am truly thankful that I made that decision so many years ago.

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