A Letter from your Mother

Get your shit together. Or get out of my house

So we’re having an Apocalypse. Whether you like it or not this is happening, right now, in your lifetime, and you are living through it. I bet you never expected this. And true to the Hollywood script, like any generic blockbuster scenario would envisage, it came when we least expected it, one bright beautiful morning. But contrary to these scripts, it wasn’t the stray meteor coming from outer space. It wasn’t a nuclear holocaust by some evil dictator. It wasn’t a supermassive tsunami, or a supermassive alien spaceship that wanted to subjugate us and turn us into fertiliser. And, it certainly wasn’t an AI that became too intelligent and realised humans needed to be eliminated to bring the planet back into balance. 

Instead, it was something that we had underestimated: something a bit more old-fashioned, a bit more familiar and closer to home: a virus, a tiny little protein and RNA molecule we cannot even see with our bare eyes. An old enemy we thought our science and healthcare had defeated long ago, an enemy that we thought we had transcended, as we established our position on this planet as the ultimate dominating species. In our heads, we had beaten Nature itself. We had overcome our biology. All we had to worry about were the Aliens.

Not so fast, says Earth:

However arrogant you’ve become, you are still biological. You are still mortal, connected to all the biotic systems of this planet, to every single species on this earth that is your sister and your brother. Your DNA, your cell membranes, are still vulnerable and will always be vulnerable to attack by viruses. However much you evolve, develop drugs or vaccines, I can do the same. I will always have a new virus for you. I will always be waiting for you around the corner to give you a lesson you deserve, because I’m your Mother. I know you better than yourself. I raised you, I made you. Without me, there is no you.

This is more or less what our planet would say. COVID-19 is simply a messenger from nature, a little reminder that if we mess things up, there is a price. We have triggered the planet’s immune system. We have pissed off our Mother, by trying to kill it. The war is on. And this Apocalypse is not an end, it is a family intervention. It is a door. Our parent is asking us to choose. Stay inside and obey the rules, or get out the door.

to be continued…

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3 thoughts on “A Letter from your Mother

  1. The ocean is a soup of virus, bacteria and plankton that feeds billions, sequesters CO2 and creates most of our oxygen. That soup created the forests, plants, animals and kept it all in balance. Humans filled the oceans with our own soup of poop, pee, condoms, tampons, dirty diapers, medical waste, PCBs, and the worst ingredient of all plastic. Bacteria, virus and PCBs hitch a ride on that plastic and PCBs modify the viruses DNA it becomes “novel” able to defeat more bacteria upsetting the balance. We gave the ocean our runoff, its dying and vomiting up sea life all over the world, causing climate change, pandemics and death. Soon billions will starve, from the loss of fish, crop failures and be sicken by disease from new viruses. We need not pause and ponder global warming because we will be blindsided by the polluted, toxic, dying, oceans. Its sewage of corona virus is only the beginning.

  2. Brilliantly said. Also funny because my partner has been calling me mommy for the last couple of days (for the first time). 😀 How should the feminine and motherly principle that is clearly called for be implemented?

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