Nature’s Coup

From Monospecies Oligarchy to COVID-19 Rule.

Photo by Denny Mülleron Unsplash

We are being quarantined. We are being isolated, removed, neutralised and put in confinement, like those tigers or invasive species you see on TV in nature documentaries being hunted down, shot with tranquillisers by some fat white guy dressed in khakis, measured, weighed and then put in a zoo, a cage, or simply put down and turned into a fireplace carpet. One by one, humans are told to stay home, die, or shut the fuck up. There are too many of us anyway, and the planet has had enough. In any ecosystem, species with very high populations are eventually culled by some ingenious way that they never saw coming. Coronavirus is our nemesis.

Yes, nature is behind this. We crossed the line a long time ago, breaking the temperature controls of the Earth Machine and triggering the planet’s immune system. Now the tables have turned: we are seeing the other side of the coin as we flip roles with nature: WE are now the zoo animal, the hunted, the one who is in retreat. Living in our homes and working from our laptops, desperately trying to hold on to our salaries, to the toxic river of capitalism that flows through nature for centuries now, poisoning the Earth. The planet is trying to limit us, to contain the spread of the poison. We are not a normal species. We are toxic to everything else that lives on this planet. Our habitat is not nature, but 4 concrete walls and a laptop. We made that choice a long time ago. The planet has just taken back control from the bio-chauvinist fascism of humanity.

But for how long?

to be continued…

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