Greed under Quarantine

Will the Patient reach remorse?

There are many things that are on quarantine these days. A limit has been placed on business, unlimitted greed and excessive profit. A stigma has been imposed on hedonism, consumerism and shopping addiction. Social eating, congregating and acting carelessly have become actions that are putting the general public at risk. A new type of terrorism has emerged overnight: being selfish and careless. In other words, being Human.

Yet it is these human behaviours that have led this planet to the path of climate apocalypse it is on. Selfishness, carelessness, and addiction. We are abruptly being taken off the hard drugs of fossil fuels, 24-hour capitalism and jet-setting. Welcome to the monastery called Earth Under Coronavirus. Please throw your drugs in the bin, hand in your phone, put on your uniform and refrain from close conversations with the other monks. Each to their own.

An Addict and a Patient

Yet I don’t think we realise the seriousness of the situation and the symbolism behind coronavirus. We have all been super-spreaders of CO2. In a planet with a circular operating system, it was merely a matter of when, not if, this plague we brought on the planet would eventually come back full circle and haunt us, reincarnated as a virus. And as it strikes, we are finding that not only do we have to battle a virus, but an addiction too. The virus was merely the shock to the system that pushed humanity to a new low, forcing it to seek rehab. The addict’s immune system had already been compromised long ago.

As the patient called Capitalism battles the plague of quarantine boredom, the terror of economic death, I’m hoping that they emerge enlightened from their close encounter with vulnerability and fragility. Will they become remorseful? I am hoping that they will be thinking deep and hard. Thinking about the things that we all forgot about in this cruel, pay-per-click world of exploitative capitalism, non-stop emissions and smartphone narcissism where the free things have fallen so low in our priorities: love, compassion, peace, simplicity. I’m waiting to see evidence of The Patient’s Remorse. Love is contagious.

to be continued…

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One thought on “Greed under Quarantine

  1. “The virus was merely the shock to the system that pushed humanity to a new low, forcing it to seek rehab.”

    I don’t know why everybody isn’t saying the same things as you are saying. It’s the truth.

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