Humans are Jealous of Earth

Jealousy and Greed have always been closely related. But jealousy has a more mysterious, more elusive quality to it compared to its cousin. Whereas greed is ostentatious, and can almost be tangibly measured in the accumulation of physical wealth and resources, jealousy is hidden: it can be conniving, concealed behind fake motives, and very often invisible even to the person committing it, much like a spurned lover who goes into a new relationship but in reality just can’t let go of the previous one.

I believe that as a species we became jealous of the hand that feeds us, Earth. The incredible abundance of resources that this planet still provides us with is something that we deep down still cannot comprehend, and cannot accept at a deeper level. Deep down, we believe that the Planet is utterly stupid for giving us all of these things for free: it renews our food supply, water resources, it even does our laundry for us. This goes fundamentally against our capitalist society, where everything must have a price and supply must be finite in order to not overwhelm demand. Everything must also have an expiration date, otherwise you won’t be able to shift more product. 

Everything must die at some point: your smartphone, the food in the fridge, the fridge itself. People need to be exploited in order to keep prices low, and natural resources destroyed in order for the prices to not go stupidly low, as this will eat into the profit. 

Obsolescent Earth

Nature’s abundance eventually clashed with these fundamental “values” of capitalism. On one hand you had a system where everything is free and magically regenerates. On the other, you had capitalism where everything must die and has a price. 

In order for Earth to be incorporated into our economic system, we had to give it an expiration date. We had to make it obsolescent. We had to kill Earth.

But there is a jealousy element here: did we kill Earth because we were greedy and stupid, or because we are jealous that Earth, unlike ourselves was, up to this point, immortal? I believe that our inability to process our own trauma, mortality, and understand our death denial has led us to destroy Earth. If we can’t live forever, then it shouldn’t either.

to be continued…

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